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Gift Her Love, Gift Her Lavie



Let’s raise a toast to all the mothers, our first best friend & our forever support system. This Mother’s Day, shower your pillar of strength with all the love she deserves. We have curated a list of perfect handbags for all the wonderful moms in your life. Let’s make the most of this special occasion & together celebrate our incredible mothers in our own small way.


Shower your mum, grandmothers, aunt and wife with all the love they deserve. Gift our bestsellers bags & show the lovely women how much you value & appreciate them

The Powerhouse – Your Mother

Ah, Yes, it’s now time to do something special for the woman who raised you with all the love. Gift her a handbag that’s stylish, trendy and practical. Let’s face it, a mother’s bag needs to be super spacious because it’s full of hidden treasure, from emergency snacks to wallet & house keys, she carries it all. Let’s make sure to invest in a stylish purse for mom so she can capture all the attention coming her way.,


Oh, So Lovely - Mother-in-Law

She raised your significant other, and for that, she’s got to be a pretty special lady. Gift her a beautiful satchel with sweet mother’s day wishes and hugs. Let us help you pick a perfect light-weight bag with premium man-made leather and gold accents that is spacious, and yes, in her favourite colour! We have handbag for mothers that will cover all their needs.


The Super Mom – Your Wife 

Your wife is a super mom, but you simply don’t know which handbag to buy for her? We’ve got the perfect mother’s day gifting ideas. Pick a Lavie bag that matches her personality to make her feel confident. Yellow to celebrate her youthfulness, Blue for her outgoing nature or PINK to nurture her femininity and so on. We’ve rounded up the best bags to thank her for her hard work and to show how much you love her.


The OG Queen - Your Grandmother

She’s the family OG! She’s got all the same qualities as Mom, only with more candy and lesser rules. She definitely deserves an extraordinary Lavie handbag. Let’s pick a beautiful carry for her that will go with all her sarees & salwar-kameez. If your grandmother likes to carry the world in her bag, then do trust our mother’s day gifting ideas.

The Super Supportive One - Best Friend’s Mother

You text parenting questions back & forth, and she’ll rescue you from a chaotic household with a bottle of wine at a moment’s notice. Make it a happy mother’s day for her and gift her a bag of love as a thank you gesture. Pick a handbag that will match with her vibe which she can carry at her workplace, social gatherings or a shopping spree. Spacious, structured & something in neutral colours that she can pair with trousers & shirt.


After reading through our best gifting ideas for mother’s day, we are sure you must be all tempted to purchase. So, go ahead and shop your mother’s day gift online, all at slashed prices. Without further ado, Use Code: MOTHERSDAY25 for an additional 25% off, sitewide to enjoy amazing deals. 

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