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Monsoon Care Guide For Your Textured Lavie Handbags

When you purchase a Lavie handbag, you know you’re getting a high-quality piece that is handcrafted to last for years. Multiple styles have evolved from season to season but what remains constant is the high quality of material and texture of our handbags. Take a closer look at any of our cross-body sling bags for women, satchels, hand purses, totes or even wallets, each piece is hand-crafted with stunning textures and embellishments. Some of the most loved textures are - Croco, Saffiano, Pebble, Herringbone & Quilted. Let’s give you a glance at our different types of bags that feature these gorgeous textures.

















Now, that you are familiar with these textures, let’s understand how you can maintain these textured bags during monsoon. We believe in delivering the best, all you have to do is continue reading to find out how you can protect Lavie bags from humidity and moisture this season.

  • Do not put a wet bag away in your wardrobe as soon as you return home. Keep your bag under the fan for a few hours to air them out, it will dehumidify your bag.
  • Always wipe over the texture with a dry cloth to prevent peeling or cracking of the material.
  • Keep your product in a cloth or dust bag to avoid any kind of mould formation on top.
  • Stuff your bags with bubble wrap or parchment paper to retain its texture, shape and prevent it from folding or creasing.
  • Never leave your handbags near the window during monsoon.
  • Store your bags on shelves. Don’t hang the products since this can wear them out and storing properly will help in maintaining the sturdiness of the handles too.
  • Humidity can ruin your bags, but regular polishing will help in quality retention.
  • Your everyday bag must be kept in a dry place, to avoid the risk of moisture or fungus formation during the monsoon.

 We hope this little maintenance guide was helpful. If you are looking for some stunning pieces for your wardrobe, Lavie is a one stop shop for you. Our handbags come in trendy colours, unique silhouettes, gold-toned hardware and premium quality textures. A little routine for your Lavie bags, will make them last for years.

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