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Handbag Trends: 4 bag styles to look out for in 2023

New Year, New Handbag! With 2023 comes a season full of trends and to fulfil these trends, you need perfect accessories to complete your style and feel confident. No matter the occasion, a handbag is a must-have accessory to amp up any attire. Lavie has endless options — from chic, practical bags that are an everyday staple to trendy styles for occasion wear. Moreover, Lavie has varied options in terms of colours, sizes, shapes, textures and silhouettes. A right handbag can make your outfit pop, giving it an extra splash.

 Likewise, enhancing your outfit with the latest trend-driven handbag styles can easily fetch you compliments. Sounds interesting? Penning down some handbag styles that will surely help you make a statement in 2023:

1. Back to Work Bags

This new year will see most of us return to work after around two years of work from home. Whether you are going back to working from a cafe, in a co-working space or from your office, you will definitely need plenty of things to set up your workspace. Along with this comes the need for a bag to carry all your office essentials in - from your laptop, charger, tablet notebooks, planners and journals to even headphones for the commute.

 This is why the best work bags seamlessly blend two important criteria - functionality and fashion. Be it Lavie satchels or backpacks - they are all super durable and sizable enough to fit your office essentials. Moreover, they are generally designed to be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear over your shoulders during the daily commute. Not just that, these handbags also come in trendy styles and colours to pair well with your work attire.

2. Structured Bags

Structured bags are bags that are sturdy and do not slouch in sight. Their clean silhouette adds polish to any outfit and is especially ideal for slipping into a minimalist capsule wardrobe. They are currently a big trend on the runway and a minimalist favourite of many. Furthermore, continuing the new trend for ‘dopamine dressing’ post-COVID, where mood-boosting hues are on the rise, structured bags from Lavie come in a variety of colours – from Coral and Wine to fresh colours like Mint and D. Pink

 You can either go classic with Black for a minimal look or even opt for one of the big fashion colour trends of 2023 – Magenta, the pantone colour of the year. 


3. Tote Bags

Season after season, including 2023, totes are seen as the big-bag trend. While tote bags are large with spacious interiors for you to carry all your basic essentials, they are also designed to have a sleek, stylish look in neutral shades, making them the perfect everyday carry.

 Tote bags can hold your laptop and a couple of books. No matter their size or composition, they are easy to pack and unpack and equally helpful - whether you are heading to a coffee shop or to the office. They look attractive and are equally versatile for you to drag to dinner, post work.


4. Sustainable Alternatives

Sustainability and veganism are big and upcoming talking points in the fashion industry and are slowly but steadily making its way into the mainstream conversations around fashion. Consequently, the designing and crafting of handbags, too, are witnessing a sustainable revolution, thanks to man-made leather. These alternative leathers come in many forms. With several brands using such textiles nowadays, you don’t have to sacrifice or make that challenging decision between your style and the planet. Lavie is a PETA approved brand and uses man-made leather for production and manufacturing. All Lavie products are sustainable and environment friendly.

From trend-led tote bags to must-have monogram collections, you’re guaranteed to earn yourself a pat on the back for the choices you make from Lavie. To make this shopping season more exciting for you, Lavie is offering an additional 15% off on their entire collection of stylish bags.

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